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snowglobe express
November & december

The Snowglobe Express is a 12 mile Christmas Train Ride that will transport passengers from the Baldwin City Train Depot to the magical world of Snowglobe where Santa's herd of Reindeer live!


  The SNOWGLOBE EXPRESS train is a one-of-a-kind magical train with OVER THE TOP decor and an unforgettable "Santa's Mail Car" experience where children will hand deliver their letter to Santa's elves in a U.S. Postal Mail Car DURING the train ride!  Once dropping off their letter on the train ride passengers will exit the train ride at Santa's Reindeer Ranch in Snowglobe, KS...where they will help Santa feed his herd of Reindeer before returning to Baldwin City!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Merriest Train on the Planet!

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